You and Your Gong

Lesson 3

Now it’s about the gong, your gong. If you already have one, you can start right away.

If you don’t have a gong yet, Alexander will help you. In personal contact, onetoone.

Contents of the video

You already have a gong and can start right away

  • You still need a gong
  • How to find the right one for you
  • Which gong is ideal for which use?
  • What do you do with it?
  • In which room or rooms do you play? How big is it or are they?
  • Which gong stand is perfect for your playing?
  • You still need mallets (mallets)

… Oh my God.

This is not complicated at all

Alexander helps you to make the right decision and saves you from bad investments.

Yes, I need a gong with accessories

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