What Is The Next Step In Your Gong Playing?

You have now completed Sound and Vibrations Free. Congratulations.

Did you get an impression of how the online gong training can help you with your gong playing? It is fun and gives you a lot of knowledge. You can be valuable to other people.

Go ahead and choose the gong training that suits you:



Sound and Vibrations -Advanced English

Basic and Advanced Techniques and Knowledge

The online gong training Sound and Vibrations Advanced starts with the basic training. You will learn how to play the gong from relaxing gong playing to an evening-long gong bath. In addition, you will learn variations of playing and striking, which will enable you to offer a varied and inspiring gong performance. In addition, there are hand gongs, gong drivers and accent beats and variations.

Gong relaxation

Gong bath

Advanced Techniques

incl. long gong bath online

for only 450 €

Offline In A Group


Gong Training in a group

Group trainings in Germany and abroad on request.

As an alternative to the online gong trainings, you can also take part in various live gong trainings in a group. This enables you to do the long evening gong bath as a basis, the intensive White Sound gong meditation or to accompany people therapeutically with the gong. This also includes the 1:1 gong playing in Mental Couseling for individuals or groups.

Gong Training Sound or

Anahad Gong Training or

White Sound Gong Training or

Personal Gong Training 

from 780 €

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